Create a new card for a customer

Creating a new credit card will not change the card owner's existing default credit card; you should update the customer or recipient with a new default_card for that. If the card's owner has no default credit card, the added credit card will become the default. Whenever you create a new card for a customer, Stripe will automatically validate the card.


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var Stripe = require('machinepack-stripe-subscriptions');

// Create a new card for a customer


apiKey: 'somestring837483749blah',

token: 'tok_someCardIdjsd2isnsd',

customer: 'cus_4kmLwU2PvQBeqq',


// An unexpected error occurred.

error: function (err) {



// OK.

success: function (newCard) {





apiKey required

Your Stripe API key

token required

The Stripe token for the card, as returned by the Stripe.js SDK

customer required

The Stripe id of the customer who this card belongs to




An unexpected error occurred.



{ id: 'card_14Ye1j2eZvKYlo2CJOPrAfPP',
  object: 'card',
  last4: '4242',
  brand: 'Visa',
  funding: 'credit',
  exp_month: 12,
  exp_year: 2016,
  fingerprint: 'Xt5EWLLDS7FJjR1c',
  country: 'US',
  name: null,
  address_line1: null,
  address_line2: null,
  address_city: null,
  address_state: null,
  address_zip: null,
  address_country: null,
  cvc_check: 'pass',
  address_line1_check: null,
  address_zip_check: null,
  customer: 'cus_4i4AvLpWDpiivV' }