Add a new payment source to a customer.

A payment source can be a credit/debit card or a bank account. Creating a new source will not change the customer's existing default source; you should update the customer or recipient with a new "Default source" for that. If the customer has no default source, the added source will become the default. Whenever you create a new card source for a customer, Stripe will automatically validate the card.


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var Stripe = require('machinepack-stripe');

// Add a new payment source to a customer.


token: 'tok_somesourceIdjsd2isnsd',

customer: 'cus_4kmLwU2PvQBeqq',

: ,


// An unexpected error occurred.

error: function (err) {



// OK.

success: function (result) {





token required

The Stripe token for the source, as returned by the Stripe.js SDK.

customer required

The Stripe ID of the customer who this source belongs to.




An unexpected error occurred.



  id: 'ba_18k5KBAE8iIXJx4mnWV35Rnl',
  object: 'bank_account or card or bitcoin_receiver',
  address_city: '',
  address_country: '',
  address_line1: '',
  address_line1_check: '',
  address_line2: '',
  address_state: '',
  address_zip: '',
  address_zip_check: '',
  brand: 'Visa',
  country: 'US',
  customer: '',
  cvc_check: '',
  dynamic_last4: '',
  exp_month: 8,
  exp_year: 2017,
  funding: 'credit',
  last4: '4242',
  name: '',
  tokenization_method: '',
  account: 'acct_18epKhAE8iIXJx4m',
  account_holder_name: 'Jane Austen',
  account_holder_type: 'individual',
  bank_name: 'STRIPE TEST BANK',
  currency: 'usd',
  default_for_currency: false,
  fingerprint: 'rNUOheo5Mxi8lCO6',
  routing_number: '110000000',
  status: 'new',
  active: false,
  amount: 100,
  amount_received: 0,
  bitcoin_amount: 1757908,
  bitcoin_amount_received: 0,
  bitcoin_uri: 'bitcoin:test_7i9Fo4b5wXcUAuoVBFrc7nc9HDxD1?amount=0.01757908',
  created: 1471583627,
  description: 'Receiver for John Doe',
  email: '[email protected]',
  filled: false,
  inbound_address: 'test_7i9Fo4b5wXcUAuoVBFrc7nc9HDxD1',
  livemode: false,
  metadata: {},
  refund_address: '',
  uncaptured_funds: false,
  used_for_payment: false